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Big Brother VIP, surprise of Manuel Bortuzzo’s father

Only four days before the start of the Big Brother VIP, in the house it is already time for surprises. The first to be involved is Manuel Bortuzzo, who has now entered the hearts of the tenants who entered last Monday. Alfonso Signorini called the boy into the Mystery room to learn more about the emotions that the athlete has been going through since he began the adventure at the GF VIP. The host showed him in a photo before the dramatic shooting two and a half years ago.

The accident has certainly changed my life, today I feel more complete and confident than yesterday. Here I found the lightness I hoped to find. I have had people by my side who have brought me back to the world, they told me to let go of complaints.

In yesterday’s Manuel: “I see what I have inside now, with so many more insecurities. A hidden inner Manuel, I was standing and chasing a dream, but I still didn’t know who I really was. I know it may sound absurd but it is. The period after the accident in intensive care made me change my outlook on life “. His is a reflection that carries a message of positivity despite what happened that night between 2 and 3 February 2019:

With other boys in the rehabilitation centers we touched the essence of life and everything else no longer mattered. It was essential to have people by my side who brought me back to the world by showing me the glass half full. Why me? I didn’t answer, I just moved on. I don’t ask myself anymore.

Manuel, however, did not know that within walking distance of him there was a special person listening to him, his father Franco. In the house everyone is freezed, the man makes his entrance and stands in front of the athlete and the tenants:

Here is my man, whom I love, my son. I am here to confirm that what he can do what he wants, we respect his objectives “. Then he turns to his son: “You are making a beautiful journey, the mother is in front of the television. I’m happy to see you like this, to want me out of the way. You are an example for everyone. I am happy, it is a great emotion “. Finally, a thought also for the tenants: “You deserve to be in this place, I love you. You are special people “

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