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Temptation Island 2021, couple disqualified after 2 days? – Gossip Blog

Storms and tornadoes have not stopped the recording of Temptation Island still in progress, but a couple would have already stopped and not because of the bad weather, but for much more! The very first rumors of what happens inside the villages of boyfriends and girlfriends arrive.

Attention because the twists could already be starting from the first appointment on Wednesday 30 June, on Canale 5. This is because according to the rumors coming from MondoTv24, one of the boyfriends would have succumbed to jealousy after 48 hours managing to overcome the barriers that demarcate the two respective villages.

The site writes: “There is already talk of heavy outbursts of nervousness on the part of some competitors. Of a couple who have already left the village ”moral of the story: disqualification. Which is the couple among the six at the moment is not known, but waiting to have everything a little clearer we can make a historical comparison: the one with the actor Ciro Petrone.

Remember when, in 2019, for the second edition of the vip version of Temptation Island (conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi), Petrone after a few days of stay managed to bypass the security staff and managed to hug his girlfriend Federica Caputo again? The scene in a few minutes (that is to say, seconds) became one of the most iconic in the history of reality show with a deluge of clicks and memes that lasted for days. Will we be faced with a similar situation?

By shifting the focus to the rest of the boyfriends, again according to MondoTv24, another boy would be combining cooked and raw. Again his name is top secret, as are the details of the matter. Everything is broth in view of the first appointment which, at this point, will evidently start at high speed!

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