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who is the wife of the prime minister in charge Mario Draghi

Maria Serenella (Serena) Cappello is the wife of the prime minister in charge Mario Draghi. The couple have been married since 1973 and have two children, but the woman keeps well away from the limelight and practically very little is known about her. One of her public appearances dates back to October 2019, when her husband was awarded an honorary degree in Economics and Commerce at the Catholic University of Milan.

Expert in English literature, Cappello enjoys noble origins, as she comes from a family descendant of the wife of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Francesco De ‘Medici, or Bianca Cappello. The teacher is the mother of two children. Federica, graduated in biology and with a masters in business obtained in New York who now heads a multinational biotechnology company and Giacomo, graduated from Bocconi and financial trader at Morgan Stanley. Complete the family picture a Hungarian hound to which Draghi would be very attached.

The couple owns several properties in Umbria, Veneto and Rome. A particular anecdote dated 2018 is linked to Serena Cappello. On that occasion, the couple went to vote for the Politics. When asked by journalists if Draghi would have agreed to be prime minister at the request of Silvio Berlusconi, his wife replied: “He does not govern, he is not a politician”. The former governor of the ECB, getting into the car, beat her: “Come on, shut up”. Not exactly a very positive example of respect for the spouse. An event that occurred above all in the presence of several journalists, when gatherings were still possible.

Mario Draghi is instead famous for being the governor of the European Central Bank. With that prestigious role he has earned the trust of European leaders. The man was for a couple of years the classmate of the conductor Giancarlo Magalli, who remembered him with great sympathy in an interview with Alan Friedman.

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