GF Vip 5, Giulia Salemi talks about Beijing Express and is called back?

Woe to talk about Beijing Express in the house of Big Brother Vip? This is what is supposed on the basis of what was broadcast in the previous hours by the most spied on house in Italy. Let’s rewind the tape. Giulia Salemi, who entered the Canale 5 program house a few days ago, was caught by the production of the broadcast talking to some of her roommates about Beijing Express, the Rai 2 adventure game in which she took part with her mother by Fariba.

Before entering the house of Big Brother Vip 3 and the great social success, Giulia Salemi was in fact part of the couple of Shutters in the fourth edition of Beijing Express, set in South America. An intense experience, as evidenced by Giulia herself during the chat with her colleagues:

Beijing is a wonderful reality show, it changes your life.

As soon as she said these words, the influencer and showgirl was called back by the direction to the speakers in the house. “Giulia in the confessional” the invitation from Big Brother to Salemi, who returned to the common rooms by her companions, began with:

So guys, the GF is the best experience of life, the GF is all, no other reality show!

Many on the web have read these words in an ironic key, as if pronounced to patch previous appreciation of a program broadcast on a competing network. Of course, there is no evidence that the events are related, but doubt continues to lurk online. Could the mention in Beijing Express have really disturbed the production of Big Brother Vip 5, enough to push the girl to a correction?

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